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I Just Got Lucky :) :iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 9 2
Haiku :)
And now we're broken.
But remember me as the
girl who made you smile.  
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 22 11
Charlie Again :) :iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 15 4 Curious :iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 10 7
Scorpius (Part One of A Harry Potter FanFiction)
        Scorpius had heard of the Room of Requirement. His father had told him many fascinating stories about the extraordinary room. He never thought he would stand on that floor, though. He never thought the Room of Requirement would be the place he came when James and the others taunted him. He never thought that the Room of Requirement would be the place he would come to get away from everything. He never thought that the Room of Requirement would be one and only asylum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
        Scorpius looked around at his refuge. It was identical to his room at home. Small and cozy. Quidditch posters hung on the walls. His bed fit snugly against the left wall, and the ominous black closet that was ten times the size of him stayed unopened at the opposite side of the room.
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 4 3
Get A Clue
I move up,
Five spaces exactly.
Green looks at me suspiciously.
Mustard stands close,
de-linting his coat sleeve.
I feel the heart in my chest
pounding with great force.
Peacock sneaks up behind me,
"My money is on White,"
she says,
picking at her painted nails.
I gulp.
"How about you?"
she asks,
not taking her eyes off of her decorated claws.
is all that makes it out of my mouth.
The back of my neck
drips with perspiration
onto my garnet coloured dress.
She smiles at me.
A wicked smile that
freezes the sweat pooled
under my dark hair.
"Last night is a bit of a blur,
isn't it Miss Scarlet?"
I just nod my head.
But it was a blur.
I remember
"Plum says he's onto it."
Her cold eyes stare into mine.
My voice quavers.
She nods.
"But he's so absent-minded...
You never know."
I laugh nervously.
"But he should hurry it up,"
she says,
"the detective should be on his way."
I fidget with
the diamond on my moist neck.
I look over
at Mr. Plum.
He's leaning against
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 12 14
ID (Because I seriously need one....) :iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 3 10
Author Profile
1.Are you new to beta reading?
I have beta read before, but I have never had a beta reader.
2. Your age (optional):
I'm older, and a lot of my work may have mature content.
3. Genre(s) – Please be specific to pieces you want beta read:
The one I am writing now is a YA novel.
4. Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, or MA?
5. Warnings:
It may have some racy content and some swears.
6. What's your writing skill level?
Between advanced and intermediate.   
7. How serious are you about your writing?
Writing is pretty much my life.. Soooo, yeah.
8. What writing aspects are you trying to improve?
Probably my organization. It just takes a while...
9. What are you looking for in the beta reader?
Someone who is completely honest.
10. Do you promise to put sincere effort into your partnership?
Of course!
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 1 1
Beta Reader Profile
1. Are you new to beta reading?
No, I am not.
2. Your age (optional):
I am mature enough, and I do not mind mature content.
3. How many authors would you like to beta read?
One at a time would be nice. Probably a maximum of two.
4. Genre(s) – Please be specific:
I write romance, mystery, horror, YA, and a lot more, so, that's generally what I would like to read.
5. What won't you beta?
Politics makes me yawn, and I don't really enjoy fantasy/sci-fi novels. I also won't beta read fanfiction.
6. What's your writing skill level?
I've been writing for a while, so I guess I would consider my self between intermediate and advanced.
7. How serious are you about your writing?
I'm extremely serious about my writing.
8. Your writing strengths:
Grammar, characters, plot, dialogue.
9. Writing weaknesses:
Organization just takes me a while.
10. What are you looking for in an author?
Anyone who is excited and passionate about
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 0 4
Rubber Chicken
Laughed at.
Constantly laughed at.
Pulled at the neck,
I let out s squeak.
Laughed at.
Constantly laughed at.
Thrown across the room,
My body lays limp.
Laughed at.
Constantly laughed at.
Squeezed, and pulled, and chucked, and thrown,
It's  what I'm used to.
Being constantly laughed at.
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 10 8
Everything To Me
      You mean everything
    Everything that ever was
And all that will be...
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 16 6
All An Act
        "I knew it was you all along," I said to the pale, white faced man on his knees. "I
knew it was you who would betray me; you who would take pride in watching me fail."
        The man swallowed hard, and a trickle of perspiration ran down the side of his cheek
and landed upon his trembling lips.
        "Well, son, you should know by now that I am not one to fail, nor do I fear failure.
On the contrary, I look fear in the eyes, and it runs from my glare," I said. I chuckled. A
chuckle that I have chuckled many times before. A chuckle that sent chills down one's
spine, and brought goose bumps to the skin.
        "So," I said, "what should I do with you?" I looked the man straight in the eye.
        "S-sir, p-please. I b-beg of you! P-p-please let me go!" pleaded the man, his big,
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 6 14
Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire
You told me
You would stop,
That you would
Never do it again
You told me
You would be the perfect gentlemen,
And that I wouldn't
Have to cower at the sight of your fist anymore
You told me
That you know what you're doing,
That you can now
Take control of yourself
You told me
That you felt bad,
And you, with the deepest sincerity,
Were sorry
You told me
Lots of things.
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 11 1
My Life Story
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 34 28
Let me hold your hand
  and never let go
Let me kiss your lips
  and feel your breath on my neck
Let me embrace you
  and forever feel your warmth
Let me love you
  and never have to part with you
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 41 16
Criticized and judged,
  I stand here alone,
    not knowing what to do,
      or where to go.
Criticized and judged,
  I stand here alone,
    thinking to myself,
      What did I do wrong?
Criticized and judged,
  I stand here alone,
    crying and shaking,
      with a pang in my heart.
Criticized and judged,
  I stand here alone...
:iconelephantselephants:ElephantsElephants 33 17


we will be okay
and one day
We will be okay
one day
Our blood won’t bleed
so red so thick
soon the comforter won’t
seem too heavy, cementing Us to Our mattresses—
the pillow will absorb Our dreams
not just Our tears
We will stand:
hands by our side,
heads held so high
We can kiss the clouds,
We can catch the planes
Our smiles will grow so wide
that the sun the moon
and all those stars will
smile back, dismissing the fear
of blue skies
of starry nights
We will breathe,
and We will breathe
at the pace the universe intended Us to
and above all,
one day,
when We are asked how We are
how We’re doing
We will respond
—in unison—
We will say that We are okay ,
and We will bask in bliss
because We will just have spoken
a victorious truth.
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 13 6
a poet's defense mechanism
it hurt yes
but I am a writer,
a poet,
and you haven’t felt pain
’til you’ve been
attacked by my verses.
oh honey you haven’t bled
’til you’ve been surrounded
by my nouns
pulling back their arrows.
my adjectives wield
their swords; the silver
glistening, reflecting off
their wide grins.
my verbs,
oh my verbs have their
revolvers at the ready.
their fingers resting on the triggers.
it hurt yes—
but I am a writer,
and my words
my verses
my poems
will act as my shield
until the blood’s been cleaned,
until the hurting stops,
until my nouns my adjectives my verbs
can put down their weapons
and I feel safe again.
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 39 25
let's get coffee.
let me place my heart
in your scalding espresso—
let me watch you burn your tongue
on the blood
pouring from my damaged arteries.
let’s get coffee.
let’s get coffee
even though we shouldn’t.
let’s get coffee
even if my hands are shaking—
my hands are shaking,
and it’s not the caffeine.
let’s get coffee.
Even if I have to hide
my hands under the table.
let’s get coffee.
Because it will unravel my stitches
rip off my bandaids
and I will crumble
like the coffee cake on your plate
and I will fall—
into you.
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 20 12
and if the storm rages on,
let me put down my umbrella
and embrace the rain
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 24 9
when the rain came
the pollen never stood a chance
because once the rain came
the rain didn’t leave.
when the rain came
the seeds only had dark shadows
and turbulent nights—
when the rain came
the unborn flower buds
drowned in their own satiation—
stems withered before they knew
how to grow
and so the flowers—
the flowers that won’t know how to bloom—
those flowers lay dying amongst their roots.
those flowers cry with the sky
but even their tears will stop before the rain.
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 10 6
one night.
dear god,
let me dream of someone else tonight.
let me shut my eyes
and see unfamiliar faces
hear unfamiliar voices
smile along with unfamiliar smiles.
let them tread on the crooked bricks
the overgrown weeds of my subconscious—
let them feel the breeze
my mind made when running too fast.
dear god,
with these new people
whispering to me from my pillow
can you build a wall?
a wall so high
he can’t break in again.
line the cement in
sparkling wires if you have to.
build a barricade that the strongest
of armies can’t knock down—
because oh—
he’ll bring them.
but god
you have to hold on for me.
build a wall that’ll last for one night.
let me have my strangers,
let me hold new hands.
hold on for me for just one night
so maybe
just maybe
I can have one happy morning.
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 21 7
he held out his hand
and she let her own fall into his—
into the heat
into the promise that came with the gesture
and she stood—
shoulders back—
letting the fabric of her scarlet gown
float just above her toes
he turned;
she followed
dodging the sparks that his footsteps made
he stopped
in the middle of the finished floor
in the middle of the couples twirling around them
and then they danced;
they danced until her feet blistered
until her skirt grew dizzy
they danced
and everyone watched as the pair spun
as her gown tangled itself in his inferno
they watched until the music stopped
until the girl’s posture faltered
until their eyes could no longer bear the glow
and the couple stood
until their flame burned out
until their lungs were nothing but smoke
until they fell—
into ash
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 21 18
no mirrors—
only untrained hands
lacking haste
guiding silver shears
strands slip
tickling toes
kissing varnish as they land
hips say goodbye
collarbones, shoulders
give blithe farewells
as so much weight
so much identity
collapses in consequence
of your own hands
enjoying an excessive destruction
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 12 12
and baby oh baby
but what if we hadn't cracked
what if our delicate frame
hadn’t crashed to the floor,
shattering glass sending photographs
— snapshots of smiles, of kisses —
into the air
and what if we hadn’t burned
what if we had avoided the matches,
hadn’t lit the candles
what if we hadn’t drowned
hadn’t pulled each other
in by the ankles
what if we hadn’t held our breath for too long
but baby I’m forgetting we were already broken
we began with glass imprinted in our skin
we were already charred, turned to ash,
our smiles always faltered beneath the flare
oh baby we started with our heads under
water with our feet buried in the
sand that was too heavy to break away from
oh honey I was never able to breathe
I was too busy suffocating,
being strangled by my own hands
I was already sinking and baby, oh baby,
you only added weight to this ship
:iconpages-of-poems:pages-of-poems 12 10
Mature content
trigger warning: anorexia :iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 33 8
3D Kitchen Mixer Cake :iconverusca:Verusca 917 114 Santorini :icontakmaj:takmaj 1,788 243 Dancing Houses :icontakmaj:takmaj 650 146 Kolomenskoye :icontakmaj:takmaj 1,646 144 Rouen :icontakmaj:takmaj 4,812 645 Weeping Angel :iconleftandrightdolls:leftandrightdolls 735 72



Hi, guys!

I left dA forever ago because well... life got in the way, as it does. 

I decided to make a new account dedicated to my poetry, so go give that a looksy. That's where I'll be from now on. 

Lots of love to all those who haven't forgotten me.


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:) :) :)

I will love you forever :)

I do commissions too!!! Just notify me if you have questions!

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